School meals and clothing grants

Primary 1 to Primary 3

An initiative from the Scottish Government means that from 5th January 2013, children across Scotland in P1 – P3 have the option of taking a free school lunch every day.

P1020512How does this work?

Parents of these pupils are provided with a letter which explains the process together with a three week menu. This menu repeats on a three weekly cycle.

Do Parents have to do anything?

Yes. Parents are asked to select their child’s meal for each school day, and advise the school in advance which allows the kitchen time to order and prepare food for everyone.

If the school does not receive the parent’s choice of meals the teachers will discuss with your child their choices for the three weeks cycle and this will be their lunch choice.


Milk does not fall under this scheme. Please note all milk must be paid for unless previously granted under Free Meal Entitlement.

Primary 4 to Primary 7

Pupils in P4 – P7 pay for school lunches and these must be must be ordered in advance.

When do I pay for lunches?

Dining HallMoney should be paid to the school on Wednesday for the next weeks lunches. The school cannot accept money on a daily basis as all lunches have to be ordered in advance.

Note that if your child brings money in on a daily basis you will be asked to provide them with either a packed lunch or take them home for lunch instead.

For more information please contact the school office

Find out if you can get free school meals and help towards schoolwear costs at the City of Edinburgh Council