About the school

School Building 1The Clovenstone area was originally farm land; in the late 1960s, when new housing was needed to accommodate families from the centre of Edinburgh, this land was acquired and building was started, resulting in the area known as Wester Hailes today.

Clovenstone Primary School was opened in November 1975. It was the only school in the Wester Hailes area at that time. There were no Catholic schools in the area, so Clovenstone incorporated religious instruction into its curriculum for Catholic pupils, becoming an integrated Catholic and non-Catholic primary school.

Entrance - InteriorOf open plan design, it was built to hold 500 children, but on opening there were more than 800 children on the role. At present there are approximately 290 children, including the Nursery.

Clovenstone Primary has excellent links with its feeder high school, WHEC, and the high quality transition programme from P7 to S1 provides input in Art, Music, PE, French and Science.

School Building 3The school has its own kitchen, serving both Clovenstone Primary School and some of the other local schools. In addition we are lucky enough to have a library, well stocked with a wide selection of new books and periodicals, and an art room.